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About us...


Emily stumbled across quinoa after she discovered her eldest daughter Rosa, had a gluten sensitivity. After experimenting with various gluten-free ingredients in the kitchen, Emily tried cooking some Peruvian quinoa which Rosa enjoyed, there the idea was born to have a go at growing it on the farm!


After a successful trial crop in 2013, Emily teamed up with The British Quinoa Company who she predominantly grows quinoa for, however, with lots of help from her family she also packages some of it on the farm to sell under the 'Bath Farm Girls' label to the local community. 


Also on the family farm is mum and dad Gerald who Emily farms alongside, mum Ros who runs a busy B&B on the farm. Brother James is completing his PhD on precision agriculture, Emily's husband, Eddie, an IT sales manager, and their two daughters Rosa and Charlotte aka the other two-thirds of the Bath Farm Girls!


Meet the team...

Emily Addicott-Sauvao

Farmer |founder| answerer of questions | mum of the other two Bath Farm Girls


Emily can mostly be found on a tractor between July and November. Emily recently took the tenancy of Corston Fields Farm from her dad, Gerald (pictured, right) who is very much still playing an active roll in the running of the farm. Emily currently the Duchy of Cornwall's only female agricultural tenant and the first in the Duchy's history to apply for tenancy succession.  The farm also produces wheat, barley and linseed grapes and also runs a Countryside Stewardship scheme developing wildlife habitat areas and pollen and nectar mixes across the farm, this is something very close to Emily's heart!

Emily is also in charge of the Bath Farm Girls social media accounts and spends her time busily promoting the business, answering emails, updating websites, doing deliveries and attending various markets and events.


Head Taste Operations Manager | middle Bath Farm Girl


Rosa takes her job very seriously, her brutal honesty in what recipes make it onto the Bath Farm Girls recipe page make her a top manager. Sometimes her opinion's can be a little harsh, but ultimately she keep's Emily on her toes with providing quinoa lovers with great recipes!


Rosa loves the farm cats, cycling and anything that sparkles or involves lots of noise.


Taste Operations Deputy Manager | youngest Bath Farm Girl


Charlotte is a big fan of quinoa, she's pretty happy being given any recipe. Second-in-command, she takes a very hands-on approach to her job; if a recipe isn't quite up to the mark she makes it very clear by throwing on the floor! 


Also a fan of her the farm cats, she likes climbing and has the ability to spot the sound of a tractor from 1000m.

Millie Cummins

Sales & Marketing

Millie aka @gluten_free_teen (Instagram) is a local farmers daughter, keen cook and baker. Millie has championed our quinoa from day one and was originally brought into the realm as website recipe developer, tester and blogger. Millie is about to start her second year at Nottingham University studying Integrated Agricultural Business Management, in-between times she is employed by us part-time to help develop our customer base.

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